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Hello There! Do you Spiralize??

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Welcome to my blog!

My first post here is just for fun!  Something I learned about over the last couple of days actually.

I know I have a lot of moms like me on my page, and maybe you struggle like we do in our house over the kids eating more vegetables.  My oldest has issues with dairy, so many of the kid-friendly veggie recipes covered in cheese do not apply to us.

Insert a new contraption I bought that arrived this week.  A Vegetable Spiralizer!!  So apparently this has been a thing for a while and there are lots of cookbooks completely dedicated to spiralizing.  But I didn't know yet, so maybe you don't either.  Hence this fun share as my first blog post!

What we do love to eat in our house is PASTA!  My 5 year old would eat her weight in pasta if I allowed it. Well, that and bread, but I haven't found a bread substitute yet!  So all I did was buy a few zucchini, 1 big one is actually enough for a small meal for our family, and I ran it through this hand powered machine on the smallest blade setting.

Out came these gorgeous noodles that my daughter thought was so cool and she was so excited to tell everyone we made them.  No kidding she even said, "Mom you can sell these and be the best cooker in the world!  But don't tell Dad, because he wants to be the best cooker, too"  The kid cracks me up!  But yeah, they were good!

Don't they look pretty!?

So there are lots of ways to cook them for different textures and such.  And of course you can use different veggies or even apples for interesting dishes and salads.

My next veggie to spiralize will be EGGPLANT!

Please share your favorite recipes below or your experiences with spiralizing.  I would also LOVE to know if you try this out.  I'll be sure to blog again later to let you know if eggplant noodles are a hit as well!

Thanks for stopping by & Carry On!


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